Almost every Gunbot feature gets built based on community feedback ⚉ Together we make Gunbot more awesome every day.

Unlimited trading pairs

These are our ¡awesome! features: NO restrictions on the number of active trading pairs in a Gunbot installation, this applies to ALL editions.

Powerful browser interface

Gunbot comes with a built-in browser interface. You can safely access the interface on your local machine, or open up access from the internet. The interface is optimized for mobile devices, supports two factor authentication and can be served via https. Using the interface, you can easily manage your trading strategies, assign them to trading pairs and make changes on the fly. The dashboard shows all recent trades and wallet balances. Additionally you can view detailed charts built with the data Gunbot collects from the exchange, trades are shown in these charts. This visualization of your trades makes it easy to optimize your trading strategies. In case you don’t want to wait for the bot to place an order, you can place manual orders directly in the Gunbot interface. This also allows for manually averaging down, as Gunbot works with the average price paid for assets – regardless if Gunbot placed an order of you did so manually.

Confirming indicators

To refine your trading strategy, you can configure confirming indicators which restrict your buy/sell method to trading only when certain indicators are within a range you configure. For example: only allow buy orders when RSI is 30 or lower. The period settings for every indicator are fully configurable. Available confirming indicators, natively available in strategies: ⚈ ADX ⚈ EMA ⚈ EMA spread ⚈ MFI ⚈ RSI ⚈ Stochastic ⚈ StochRSI Optional: configure custom indicator combinations using any of the indicators in the Tulip library.

Reversal trading

Gunbot can automatically accumulate quote currency when prices move down, without investing more than the initial buy order. This feature is called reversal trading and can help bring down the break-even point for your investment. With reversal trading, Gunbot will sell quote units owned at a configurable percentage price drop, then buy back more quote units using only the funds acquired from the previous sell order. This process can keep repeating while prices move down further, or even when the market goes sideways after an initial drop. While accumulating, Gunbot keeps track of the trading fees paid during the process. As soon price hits the break-even point, it will continue with regular trading.:

TradingView add-on

The TradingView add-on makes Gunbot execute trading alerts sent from tradingview.com. This allows for fully custom strategies, using pine script at TradingView. The add-on allows for a few protections, like making sure sell orders happen above the break-even point and meet the exchange minimum trade volume. The add-on can be used in a mixed mode too, where both a Gunbot strategy is executed and TradingView alerts are being executed.

Tested trading strategies

A strategy in Gunbot is a set of rules that define how it trades. Every trading pair can be assigned a single strategy. Different pairs can use different trading strategies. The main components of a strategy are buy and sell methods, which define when the bot is allowed to place orders. Strategies can be assigned to one or more trading pairs. Gunbot comes with many free strategy presets, these are ready to use after making minimal changes - like configuring how much it is allowed to spend. You can create an unlimited number of custom strategies. Gunbot comes with specially adapted strategies for margin trading, you can choose between mean reversion or trend following variants of individual strategies. With ROE trailing you can maximize profit from any position. Every strategy can use a number of protections, like setting custom gain and stop limit values, limiting the number of sell orders before trading is halted, prevent buy orders above the last sell rate to protect against buying in surging markets.

Additional trailing

Additional price trailing can be used for most types of orders, to reach optimal entry- or exit points. For example: you have set up a buy method based on buying when prices reach the lower Bollinger band. Without additional trailing a buy order is placed as soon as price hits the lower band. With trailing, Gunbot follows prices as they move down even further, and only buy once the trailing stop is hit while price is still at or below the lower Bollinger Band. You can also use Gunbot for sell trailing for assets you bought manually. Types of orders that allow for additional trailing: ⚈ Regular buy orders ⚈ Regular sell orders ⚈ DCA buy orders ⚈ Reversal trading buy orders ⚈ Reversal trading sell orders ⚈ Margin trading close orders

Backtesting add-on

The backtesting add-on allows for backtesting of almost all strategy parameters available in Gunbot. It can also be used to send alerts based on Gunbot strategies, to be executed by Gunbot with the TradingView add-on Backtesting takes place on tradingview.com, which offers a powerful engine to backtest and visualize tested trading performance. As long as tradingview.com supports the exchange you trade on, historical data for backtesting is available for almost every available coin pair at the exchange. Gunbot strategies are emulated on tradingview.com, with the exception of a few methods that cannot be replicated (like the time series analysis method).


Manage your bot automatically with AutoConfig AutoConfig is a suite of tools you can use to dynamically manage your Gunbot configuration. Do you want to trade only the top10 pairs by 24h trading volume? AutoConfig can fully automate that, and a lot more advanced pair filters are available too. Almost every aspect of the configuration can be automated with filter rules you define yourself. This even allows for automating strategy aspects, for example trade with a dynamic gain target. You can even monitor conditions on one pair and change settings on another.

Supported platforms and system requirements

Gunbot runs from your own Windows, macOS, Linux or ARM computer. The software license is not tied to a specific device. Software updates and upgrades are free. Recommended specs: ⚈ 2GB RAM ⚈ 10GB free disk space ⚈ 64-bit CPU. You can choose between using the built-in graphical user interface or running Gunbot as a command line tool. Methods are the main trigger for an order. Additionally you can use a set of confirming indicators to specify the conditions you want to allow trading for. Every method can use a configurable stop limit to reduce your risk exposure. A wide range of candlestick periods can be used. Select methods allow for pyramid buying.

Buy & sell methods

Gunbot offers 15 different methods for executing orders. All methods can be freely combined in a custom strategy, for example you can setup Gunbot to purchase an asset at a percentage from the lower Bollinger Band, and sell that asset with a trailing stop / stop loss method. Methods are the main trigger for an order. Additionally you can use a set of confirming indicators to specify the conditions you want to allow trading for. Every method can use a configurable stop limit to reduce your risk exposure. A wide range of candlestick periods can be used. Select methods allow for pyramid buying.

Dollar cost averaging (DCA)

Double up is a Gunbot method for automatically averaging down assets, also called dollar cost averaging or DCA. This allows you to reach a lower average price per unit when prices move down, making for a lower possible profitable exit price. The behavior of DCA is highly configurable. You can set the following options: ⚈The trigger for DCA orders: choose from (a combination of) a percentage price drop, RSI range or price crossing down the upper Bollinger Band. ⚈ The minimum price difference between buy orders while in DCA. ⚈ The number of times DCA orders are placed. ⚈ The amount, as a ratio compared to the amount of quote units already owned, to be bought with every DCA order.

Balance options

You can set per pair limits for the amount of base currency to invest per trade. The trading limit can be set as an absolute amount, or as a percentage of available base currency. When selling, you can choose to sell all quote currency, or keep a number of quote units. Gunbot can be set to ignore “dust”: small holdings below the minimum trade size of the exchange. A funds reserve feature is available to keep an absolute amount of base currency reserved at all times. Optionally, you can automatically withdraw profits made in BTC.

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