Gunbot 5th Anniversary

By Uri

Gunbot 5th Anniversary Celebration

Hi folks, we’re celebrating the Gunbot 5th anniversary, it’s been five years since Gunbot was born. It started with a small application running only under windows systems with one strategy to a full-blown Algo trading bot with 21 different strategies (spot/futures).

Market Maker bots with 7 different variants, and our Arbitrage bot (soon).

Gunbot has so many features and options that users can tweak and change, it become an actual state-of-the-art algorithm bot that is used daily on more than 15,000 computers & everybody can tune up each parameter to get a unique trading style.

“Gunbot 5th-anniversary Promo 50% off all products paid with crypto”

starting right now to celebrate the Gunbot 5th anniversary we start a major SALE, all our products have a 50% discount from the regular price if you buy with any Crypto.

This sale bonanza is already in effect from midnight of December 12th, a whopping 50% sale off from the already ATH prices.

All new licenses, upgrades starting from Gunbot Standard and add-on included in the 5th anniversary, prices are 50% off if you purchase with crypto.

besides that, a really Special 5th-anniversary offer for all Gunbot Starter users, the upgrade to Gunbot Standard is only 99,99 USD no matter if you buy with crypto or PayPal, an amazing deal!.

And that’s not All, Christmas special Gift, a new product has been born Gunbot One Limited Edition, aka baby Gunbot.

Buying the Gunbot One Limited Edition gives you a 99$ coupon for the upgrade at any time to any higher Gunbot license from our portfolio.

Below you can see the different licenses you can purchase.

Gunbot One Limited EditionGunbot StandardGunbot ProGunbot Ultimate
5th Anniversary Promo: 99,99 USD or 0.002 ฿itcoin5th Anniversary Promo: 0.0075 ฿itcoin5th Anniversary Promo:0.0105 ฿itcoin 5th Anniversary Promo:0.0175 ฿itcoin
1 Exchange1 Exchange3 Exchanges5 Exchanges
No tokens.500 Gunthy Tokens Included.750 Gunthy Tokens Included.1250 Gunthy Tokens Included.
Select from : Binance, Binance US, FTX, Mex Gunthy & OKExFor all supported exchanges.For all supported exchanges.For all supported exchanges.
No Margin Trading.Support Margin Trading.Support Margin Trading.Support Margin Trading.
StepgridAll Supported Trading Strategies.All Supported Trading Strategies.All Supported Trading Strategies.
1 PairUnlimited Number of Pairs.Unlimited Number of Pairs.Unlimited Number of Pairs.
Unlimited number of Trades.Unlimited number of trades.Unlimited number of trades.Unlimited number of trades.
Confirming indicatorsConfirming indicatorsConfirming indicators
Additional TrailingAdditional TrailingAdditional Trailing
Dollar Cost AveragingDollar Cost AveragingDollar Cost Averaging
Reversal TradingReversal TradingReversal Trading
Back TestingBack Testing
– Tradingview Alerts
Custom Strategies

Gunbot Updates and Add-ons Gunbot V anniversary price list.

Gunbot  5th Anniversary All Updates and Add-ons
One to StandardOne to ProOne to UltimateStarter to Standard
5th Anniversary Promo:  0.0065 ฿itcoin5th Anniversary Promo: 0.0095 ฿itcoin5th Anniversary Promo:0.0165 ฿itcoin 5th Anniversary Promo:99 USD or 0.002 ฿itcoin
Starter to ProStarter to UltimateStandard to ProStandard to Ultimate
5th Anniversary Promo: 0.0078 ฿itcoin5th Anniversary Promo: 0.0148 ฿itcoin 5th Anniversary Promo: 0.003 ฿itcoin 5th Anniversary Promo: 0.01 ฿itcoin 
Pro to UltimateTradingView Add-onBacktesting Add-on
5th Anniversary Promo: 0.007 ฿itcoin5th Anniversary Promo: 0.003 ฿itcoin5th Anniversary Promo: 0.0018 ฿itcoin

How to setup Gunbot One Limited Edition

  • Download the product.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Double click in the exe file.
  • Open the browser and type http://localhost:5000.
  • Follow the wizard and set the API/secret of your exchange (Exchanges supported: Binance, Binance US, FTX, Mex Gunthy & OKEx).
Gunbot 5th Anniversary 1
  • Set your order-id as your Gunbot License and click apply.
Gunbot 5th Anniversary 2
  • Click the Save Changes button.
Gunbot 5th Anniversary 3
  • Now you can click on Trading Settings
Gunbot 5th Anniversary 4
  • Select the base and pair you would like to trade and set your trading limit accordingly to the risk you wish to take, you can sort the list of pairs by volume and 24h change. As well you can see the Chart of each specific market and change the different periods directly, after you´re done with the selection just click on the gear icon to edit your pair set the min amount per trade, min volume to sell, and max amount of buys.
Gunbot 5th Anniversary 5

The image below shows a chart of USDT-ETH with a 4h period.

Gunbot 5th Anniversary 6

Click the Save changes & Start Trading button.

“Your Gunbot One Limited Edition will start trading in the selected exchange and pair immediately.”

Gunbot One LE comes with the new Charity Program

The 33% of total revenue from all sales of Gunbot One Limited Edition will go to Gunthy Foundation. It’s a free and public association you all can join if you want (details will be posted publicly soon). We will collect money from sales and/or donators, put that money on a public Gunbot spinning with stepGrid and all profits from that bot will go to charity directly.

Charity targets will be chosen from our Foundation staff: any case, family, community, or entity that our Foundation associates will decide is worth our help and aid, will be evaluated, accepted, and publicly notified.

This is a project that will be alive for the entire Gunbot life, taking money from that AID bot with capital coming from a part of our sales and/or donators.

Buy the new Gunthy license or upgrade. You can pay with Bitcoin and more than 300 different cryptocurrencies; this time, PayPal payment is excluded from this promo except for the upgrade from the gunbot starter license to Gunbot standard.

C-u next time, happy bot trading.

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