Gunbot AutoConfig

Autoconfig enabled automated hedging
By boekenbox

Gunbot AutoConfig

First released in Gunbot v15, AutoConfig is a set of tools to take your Gunbot trading automation to the next level.

It can observe all pairs on exchanges and monitor all internal Gunbot data, you can use this data to automate config changes in Gunbot.

Find some ready-made setups on the Gunthy marketplace.

Simple things you can do with Gunbot AutoConfig

Because AutoConfig is a wide set of tools to be used in individual ways, it’s not easy to list all the possibilities.

A few examples of rather simple and very useful things you could use AutoConfig for:

  • Automatically add top volume trading pairs with positive 24h change
  • Remove trading pairs after they have sold profitably
  • Prevent quote coin crossover between added pairs

Advanced setups with Gunbot AutoConfig

It’s possible to manipulate almost every setting in the Gunbot config with AutoConfig, allowing for complex automation.

Different tasks you setup can interact with each other through user variables, even on a detailed per trading pair level.

Examples of more advanced setups:

  • Use dynamic gain targets, based on how the market moves.
  • Disable buy trades on pair x when rates on pair y are changes fast.
  • Switch to different indicator period settings for the buy and sell-side of your strategy.
  • Simultaneous buy trailing on all pairs of an exchange, adding only pairs to Gunbot that hit their trailing stop.

Gunbot Autoconfig Take your Trading Automation to the Next Level!

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