Gunbot-Kraken Futures | Spot versus Futures what You Should Know

This is a second Segment from the Gunbot and Kraken Futures AMA Video.

Featuring: Kevin Beardsley, TrashDog, Anon and Wally from the Gunbot Community.

In this Video TrashDog Explains the difference between Futures and Spot Trading.

Gunbot-Kraken Futures | Spot versus Futures what You Should Know

CRYPTOWALLY - (GUNBOT UNIVERSITY) So Trashdog, what would y...

So Trashdog, what would you say on that the same vein of you know spot versus futures
what someone might need to know but when they're getting into futures.

Literally uh just touching on some of the points beforehand was
that with spot it is a case of trading one asset for another so
in the event that you turn around and do actually have a bad trade
you're still left holding an asset but uh on futures
um it does uh there is a lot more uh magnification when it comes to risk
versus uh risk versus reward because like kevin did say yeah sure you can
turn around and um you can turn around and make a good buck
but the problem is if you end up with a bad trade and you don't
have uh proper uh exit strategy for a bad trade whether you use stops or
anything else like that uh you can lose your entire position so
you'll end up with nothing you'll have nothing left in your hand
so a lot of the times when it comes to setting people's expectations when they
move across from spot to margin is uh you know you're trading on a new
platform so you've got to start small and
actually have your exit strategies for for a bad trade because if you don't
have those then you're going to run into all sorts of strife.

Anon, what do you say of that?.

ya already mentioned like
knowledge in a futures market under
support it, i know what do you see
it can magnify your gains and also make loses much more and one,
once you get liquidated everything is gone but, the good thing with the futures is most of platforms
they have a testnets, so that's like identical website, where you can
test your strategies and learn how everything works
with testnet bitcoins.

Yes we have a conformance testnet for
the API and we also have a demo dash we can put the
links up afterwards where it is the live website it's just got
sort of fake market makers in there so you can actually trade
you can see how things will respond to different circumstances
it's instant to create an account.

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