Gunbot-Kraken Futures | Understanding Futures Order Book and Liquidation Engine

This is the 7th Segment from the Gunbot and Kraken Futures AMA Video.

Featuring: Kevin Beardsley, TrashDog, Anon and Wally from the Gunthy Community.

Here Kevin Explains the differences, similarities and advantages of Kraken and KrakenFutures, order books, liquidation engine and rebates.

Gunbot-Kraken Futures | Understanding Futures Order Book and Liquidation Engine

CRYPTOWALLY - (GUNBOT UNIVERSITY) - Why did it ask Kevin wh...

- Why did it ask Kevin what else what else
would you have this understand of that
order books and this liquidation engine
I mean you really good detail but in
terms of you know what would what should
a bottom know about that versus a retail
trader who's just using the web
interface and click quickly

-In terms of the liquidation engine itself

Well so you know in general I think a lot of
people don't understand they're cracking
futures is a different entity DIF an
order book you know it's not the same
funding accounts so even some basics
from there not just the safety thing
that we already covered but also you
know is there's a future ordered look
different in a spot trading basics we

-Good question um so futures will always
trade on a separate order book from spot
and that's because you're trading
contracts as opposed to an asset so for
crackin clients so anybody that's kyc
dat crackin and non-us so we don't
accept us clients but if you are a
non-us and kyc and client at crackin
there's also a couple other countries
that we don't accept but they tend to be
the more commonly at not accepted
countries um you have you automatically
have an account on crack in futures so
there'll be a button on your accounts
page where it will say launch futures
you'll go through a few questions but
you're able to start right away
you actually can margin your crafting
futures account from crack and spa so
the transfers between spot and futures
take about one or two minutes it's
actually the money never actually leaves
crack and cold storage so you deposit
your funds into crackin you do it's a
ledger entry it's a cryptographically
secured ledger entry between the two
entities so the you then margin your
crack and futures account but your money
still sits with crack and cold storage
you're allowed to trade on crack and
futures we have separate order books
from the spot markets and when you're
done trading you
your profits and put it right back into
crack and spot withdraw it or trade it
back into dollars and withdraw it
through the crack and rails so what are
the main things people tell us they like
about cracking futures is that it's the
only futures exchange with high quality
fiat rails directly attached to the
exchange so you can do SEPA transfer in
flip to Bitcoin trade on crack in
futures and withdraw your money all
without the money never actually leaving
the same house in terms of things that
we do we always try to do things right
by our clients so a lot of exchanges say
it but we make sure that everything we
do is accessible for everybody and
universal so our fees that are published
are the fees that everybody has there
are no side deals nobody gets better
fees than you the latency for example we
tell everyone where our servers are its
AWS Dublin we tell you everybody how to
whitelist your IP addresses so you can
get the best quality latency connection
all of our revenue share programs are
it's universally available you
automatically participate in it a second
you start trading liquidation assignment
program it's not just like we do deals
with the big market makers anybody
anyone on earth can plug right into that
start trading with exactly the same
limits so that's one of the reasons
we're really excited to support the bot
trading community because we see this as
we really like to think that it's it's
one of if not potentially the only truly
level playing field in crypto where
everything you see is exactly what you
get there's no side deals nobody has
structural advantage
nobody internally can see the books you
are going head-to-head against big
trading firms but you're at least going
head-to-head on equal footing with them.

-That is actually probably one of the
feedbacks that we sort of do get a lot
from the community at the moment is the
is the difference that Kraken futures
actually has against other other
competitors in the in the market so you
touched on the the liquidation engine
again people that have actually suffered
liquidations before you know and afraid
of them because if their competitors you
know when they go over to crack and
actually have have you know gone through
the experience they're through a bad
trade already they're singing praises
because the their experience that
they've had is so much better
then what have had beforehand
connections security you know all those
sort of bits and pieces a lot of the
feedback from the computer from the
community at the moment is is a vastly
superior trading experience when they're
actually on crack and futures

-That's very generous of you
it is probably also worth mentioning we
are a small team a Kraken is a huge
company like 800 people we work very
very closely with the kraken team and
their customer support handles quite a
lot of the support tickets for us but
they have fully trained futures experts
that we talked to all day every day but
a lot of the support you'll see in the
telegram group and the actual support
that gets done for the customers happens
just here in the office it's me it's
Gary it's Erin it's Conor there's just a
few people and you'll work with us
directly on this thankfully the exchange
is stable enough that we don't need two
or three hundred people just customer
support we tend to have touchwood few
enough issues that only a few people can
can personally provide the support.

no I was gonna say like when Kevin
mentioned beforehand about the
participation and a lot of the programs
for rebates and everything else like
you know there's members of the Gunbot
Community that are actually you know
sharing around screenshots of emails
that they've received so and
congratulations thank you very much for
your participation here's your here's
your share of the you know here's your
share of the compare the contribution
you get a little extra money in your
account so yeah it's seen throughout the
community when they participate in these
programs that Kevin was talking about.

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