Gunbot-Kraken Futures | Why Kraken Futures Exchange is Good

The 8th Segment from the Gunbot and Kraken Futures AMA Video.

Featuring: Kevin Beardsley, TrashDog, Anon and Wally from the Gunbot Community.

Why we consider Kraken Futures a Good Exchange? That’s the Question Wally ask Kevin in this video segment, and what’s most important why a crypto bot trader can benefit from Kraken Futures API. Enjoy!

Gunbot-Kraken Futures | Why Kraken Futures Exchange is Good

CRYPTOWALLY - (GUNBOT UNIVERSITY) - I think that in everyth... ▼

CRYPTOWALLY - (GUNBOT UNIVERSITY) - I think that in everything in life and we go with some of this on the onboarding piece taken by University and that is there's trial limits and everything there's a trade-off everywhere and the one most people can understand is good fast cheap too and if you you're picking two at the exclusion of the third Bitcoin versus Ethereum or versus any other crypto there's trade-offs or speed versus security versus value and for trading and we talked about this let me ask me anything telegrams session that we've had a couple days ago cracking is legit it follows the regulations it has this stability that other people don't have but you go isn't as good in the API market if we go a little too fast so we have all these good things that a lot of the other exchanges don't have the expense the natural expense of having to compromise and some other things and so like Jack's dog it's like the feedback is we know what Kraken really good at and when legit traders want to be on legit order books doing legit activity there's got to be some some trade-off there

KEVIN BEARDSLEY - (KRAKEN FUTURES) - If i could jump in on one thing though so if I can spot does have limits on the API capability or the capacity and I know they're working very very hard to increase those those capacities, but on the futures side we don't really have any issues with the capacity of the API. So we traded you know you reference that 50% price food last night the API I don't think had any down time through the entire through the entire evening London time, we can set and this is goes this applies for the biggest trading firms but also for any any individual that wants it as well we can set your rate limits more or less as high as you'd like them so we ask that you try to batch the orders just to lower the overall strain on the system, but assuming you're batching your orders just put a support ticket in and say I'd like you to increase my rate limit you usually do it with a few out within a few hours if you put it in the telegram chat to catch one of the when a me or Gary one read our computer can usually get sometimes immediately, so we will give you guys the same quality API rate-limiting and support that the biggest trading firms in the world get.

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