Gunbot Oktoberfest Promo 2021


Gunbot Oktoberfest Promo 2021

Gunbot Oktoberfest. There’s a new promo starting on 7th up to 24th October. Let’s celebrate Oktoberfest Gunbot style!.

  • For any new customer that buys a Gunbot Standard, his license will be boosted automatically to Gunbot Pro.
  • For any new customer that buys a Gunbot Pro, it will be leveled up directly to an Ultimate license.
  • Are you already a gunbot user? Upgrades are included as well so we level up to the next tier your gunbot license directly.

What a hell of a deal, folks!

And this is not all. Special promo only for any new customer that buys our Gunbot Ultimate money machine. His license will be boosted automatically to a fully unlocked Gunbot with Market Maker core (spot and futures) and all variant strategies for a whole month.

Upgrades from any Gunbot license to Gunbot Ultimate are included.

This promo will be active from midnight CET on 7th October 2021, and it will last until midnight CET on 24th October 2021.

Gunbot Ultimate is the higher tier of our portfolio. It will allow you to trade at the same time up to 5 exchanges plus gunthy mexgunthy futures, &

Features and characteristics of Gunbot Ultimate

  • Five exchanges slots.
  • All strategies included.
  • Custom Strategies included.
  • Autoconfig.
  • Reversal Trading.
  • An unlimited number of pairs.
  • An unlimited number of trades.
  • Confirming indicators.
  • Additional trailing.
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA).
  • Backtesting.
  • Trade using TradingView alerts.
  • 1250 Gunthy Tokens included.

Besides that, you get an entire month to trade with Market_Maker bots unlocked, the holy grail of the futures market. You will smash the competition with our Market_Maker bots, our jewel of the crown.

In the images below, you can see several examples of gunbot Market Maker trading using the MOTION OF THE OCEAN strategy variant.

Gunbot Oktoberfest Promo 2021 1
Gunbot Oktoberfest Promo 2021 2
Gunbot Oktoberfest Promo 2021 3

You can see the different gunbot plans in the table below.

Gunbot StandardGunbot ProGunbot Ultimate
Oktoberfest Promo: 0.01375  ฿itcoinOktoberfest Promo:0.020625 ฿itcoin Oktoberfest Promo:0.034375 ฿itcoin
1 Exchange3 Exchanges5 Exchanges
500 Gunthy Tokens Included750 Gunthy Tokens Included1250 Gunthy Tokens Included
For All supported exchanges.For All supported exchanges.For All supported exchanges.
Support Margin TradingSupport Margin TradingSupport Margin Trading
All Supported Trading StrategiesAll Supported Trading StrategiesAll Supported Trading Strategies
Unlimited Number of Pairs.Unlimited Number of Pairs.Unlimited Number of Pairs.
Unlimited number of trades
Unlimited number of trades
Unlimited number of trades
Confirming indicatorsConfirming indicatorsConfirming indicators
Additional TrailingAdditional TrailingAdditional Trailing
Dollar Cost AveragingDollar Cost AveragingDollar Cost Averaging
Reversal TradingReversal TradingReversal Trading
Upgraded to Gunbot Pro automaticallyBack TestingBack Testing
Tradingview Alerts
Custom Strategies

You can pay with Bitcoin as usual, with more than 300 different cryptocurrencies or PayPal. 

If you’re a customer already don’t worry we’ve got you covered upgrades are included in the Oktoberfest promo.

That’s all folks, c.u next time and happy gunbottin’

gunthy ltd

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