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Dominate the Game with the Market Maker Bot


The Liquidity Provider Authority of the Trading Industry!



Bad News: Is Not for Sale

GOOD NEWS: You Can Have it as an Upgrade



Liquidity Provider and Profitability

The Market Maker bot is one of the pearls of Gunbot: using a staggered orders strategy, independent from the market conditions, the Market Maker bot provides liquidity to the market and profits to the trader. High-Frequency orders posting, recalculation of open orders to always be on top of the order book, capital risk, and ROE trailing are only some of the various available opportunities for our Market Makers. Actually used on BitMex, Kumex, Kraken Futures, Binance Futures, and ByBit exchanges, for perpetual swap and futures contracts, this is the most advanced Market Maker bot on the market. A very conservative distribution of licensing limits the number of traders using this algorithm: Market Maker is not for sale, you need to be rank 10 or higher at GUNTHY ranking system to have access to it. Only the braves, only the best traders. So, you feel brave and consider yourself a top crypto trader? Just get your Gunthies at the Gunthy Exchange and start Making Money with this liquidity and profitability provider the Market Maker

Market Maker


Some Gunthy modules are not for sale, they are only available to Gunbot license holder with a substantial token balance. This is the case for bitRage and Gunthy Market Maker.

This token balance is the main factor in your “user rank“, you see your user rank in the bot startup messages. If you reach rank 20, you automatically get access to bitRage. If you reach rank 10 you automatically get access to Market Maker.

As long as your token balance does not decrease, access to these modules stays. The ranking system is not a competition between users, you can’t lose your ranking when other users increase their token holding.

All You Have to do is Load Your Gunthy Wallet!

 ...and it will Unlock the Feature so you can Profit with the Market Maker bot!

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All You Have to do is Load Your Gunthy Wallet!
All You Have to do is Load Your Gunthy Wallet!
All You Have to do is Load Your Gunthy Wallet!
All You Have to do is Load Your Gunthy Wallet!
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